Here at COAST, we provide a powerful, web-based applications system that can be configured to your business structure and needs. An ERP-compliant applications, COAST can work to configure the data that you need expert, supportive assistance in managing and monitoring, such as downtime on productions lines, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), electronic asset tracking, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), best practices and more. COAST strives to keep your assets working so you can focus on growing your business, supplying your customers, and striving for industry excellent. At COAST, we will:

  • Generate performance reports and address downtime on production lines.

  • Utilize a Work Order System, which allows tracking of all repairs with search capabilities to assist in analytical trouble shooting.

  • Do more than just be there for you when things break down – we will work to help prevent technological issues from occurring by implementing Maintenance Schedules, standardizing Preventative Maintenance (PM) Tasks, and share PM Tasks between multiple facilities.

  • Generate Best-in-Class Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instruction Sheets for change-overs.

  • Manage Equipment, Tooling, Qualifications, and Assets in Real-Time

  • Track assets electronically when transferred, including verification and approval for machines, equipment, tooling, and leased asset return.

  • Pipeline Stage Gate Management Module to Manage and Track Projects from engineering and business development through commercialization. Customize templates for Project Management and Tracking of Opportunities.

  • Establish an easy interface for employees to communicate via work orders that includes a built-in email Notification System to alert employees of tasks due.

  • Manage Spare Parts inventories by site with min/max notifications, and track inventory by equipment for justification and capital management.

  • Create cGMP, Safety, and Housekeeping Inspection worksheets with Work Order generation for non-compliance or task failure mode.

  • Include a comprehensive File System and Library that allows important documents such as drawings, schematics, and technical manuals to be uploaded directly to the equipment or tooling within each module.

  • Manage Maintenance Schedules, standardize Preventive Maintenance (PM) Tasks, and share PM Tasks between multiple facilities.

COAST meets FDA Title 21 CFR 11 Compliance, and has advanced security to prevent malicious or accidental loss of records.