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COAST Tooling Module provides the core framework for managing and maintaining your assets such as Tooling and Molds in plastics manufacturing. Understanding the criticality of these assets, our solution provides the visibility necessary to have a full financial picture of maintenance, refurbishment, and replacement.  The Tooling module will assist in monitoring Tooling needs, repairs, work orders, and condition-based monitoring to assist in determining priorities. COAST CMMS also provides you the ability to manage and schedule Preventive Maintenance tasks manually or automatically based on a calendaring system or attributes of the asset.  Combine our system and your processes to minimize downtime and increase overall plant productivity and efficiency!

Spare-parts inventory for your assets are assigned and managed through the maintenance management system providing you inventory control and financial analysis around total inventory spend.  All historical data remains in the system throughout the tooling lifecycle.  This assists you and your maintenance team in root cause analysis and determining overall health throughout the lifecycle of your tooling assets. The Tooling module is complimented with our notification alert system, which you can customize to send emails when a work order and preventive maintenance tasks are created, modified, or completed.

The Equipment module shares many of the same functionality of the Tooling Asset Module.  This module assists in monitoring your equipment assets from installation to daily function through repairs, work orders, and preventive maintenance, helping you to determine what priorities need to come first for your assets.  Spare-parts inventory for your assets are assigned and managed through the maintenance management system providing you inventory control and financial analysis around total inventory spend.

Manage qualification IQ, OQ, PQ, product drawings, specifications, and all qualification documentation for your equipment assets.  Allowing you to store all your asset information in a single location for ease of access to review by anyone in your organization.

COAST emphasizes the importance of safety in every facet of asset management. The COAST Safety module allows you to monitor safety throughout your organization and all physical locations. This module is equipped with the Employee Safety Observation Training (ESOT) behavioral analysis, which provides a process where managers, and employees at all levels, regularly visit work areas, observe work practices and conditions, and discuss job safety with employees. This way, safety is monitored at observable levels, and work orders are created as a result of these observations. The framework of ESOT helps to resolve safety issues and concerns, recognize and acknowledge safe work practices, and gain employee commitment to correct unsafe work practices. The ESOT program focuses on safe / unsafe acts and conditions.  COAST monitors working conditions through its powerful Safety Work Order System which is separate from the normal work order process.

The Coast Training Management Module is available to all employees of your organization. This extremely useful module allows you to track required and optional training for your employees while ensuring compliance. This module manages employee training needs, timing, depth, and scheduling. Once you have scheduled and completed each training task for your employees and staff, training can be setup for certification of your employees, notifying you when your employees have completed training and also require re-certification. Use the Training Module to manage employee training for a variety of organization training requirements such as 5-S, Hazmat, cGMP, Equipment Training, Process Training, Safety, and any other training requirements your organization requires.

The COAST Downtime Module manages and tracks Downtime via Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The downtime is entered in three categories; Availability, Performance, and Quality. Within each of these categories you can customize the codes for downtime. This will allow you to track and manage downtime to improve organizational efficiencies and productivity.  The COAST Downtime module can be used to troubleshoot issues by searching historical downtime codes and categories. Thus, repeated events are more quickly identified, and allow decisions to be made to eliminate the downtime event from reoccurring.

Management can utilize the downtime module for financial and scheduling decisions related to repairing, refurbishing, and/or replacement of problematic equipment. With the COAST downtime module, everyone benefits with increased visibility – the plant manager, department heads, production workers, maintenance technicians, engineering teams, and most importantly, your company’s bottom-line.

COAST Reporting Module provides the core framework to support all of your reporting needs.  COAST CMMS provides a base set of reports provided throughout the entire system, where you need them most.  It also provides an extremely robust ad hoc reporting platform to support the analysis you need to support ongoing operations with detailed maintenance and asset information.  In addition to the reporting module, it is complimented with our notification alert system you can customize to send email when a project or work order is created, updated, completed, or deleted.

Our Project Management Module manages all of your company’s sales’ pipelines of products and projects using a proven Stage Gate methodology that gives you total awareness and transparency of your expectations and goals. The essential elements to ensure success of any endeavor, project, program, relies upon four key principles – focus, alignment, commitment, and discipline. By using our Project Management Module, you will be utilizing all four of those principles. You will be able to manage your current projects as well as your prospective customers. You can track new business opportunities, engineering and manufacturing projects, and the products and services you provide. This module will allow you to keep your sales pipeline and engineering projects, you will be able to maintain reporting at the corporate level. All successful project teams deploy a system for managing their activities. The COAST System ensures aligned milestones, and key deliverables are confirmed on time and on budget. The COAST Project Management Module assures success with guiding the project team using a consistent, formal, easy to manage, Stage Gate process.