COAST Systems Executive Vice President of Engineering Elected to Serve as Chair Elect of the Blow Molding Division of SPE

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BROOKSVILLE, Fla., October 16, 2019 – COAST Systems, a global computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) technology provider that offers specialized plastics manufacturing consulting and global mold asset management services, is pleased to announce that its executive vice president of engineering, John Headrick, has been elected to serve as Chair Elect of the Blow Molding (BM) Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).

A co-founder of COAST Systems, Headrick brings over 30 years of experience within the plastics industry sector in many fields specializing in systems engineering including LEAN, TPM, OEE, 5S and CMMS deployment, as well as SPC methodologies, processing, and operations. Headrick has served on SPE’s Board of Directors since 2006 and as an Executive Committee member since 2015.

“John and I have worked closely together for a number of years. He is a great business leader with a high level of plastics technology and mechanical engineering knowledge that will continue to make him an invaluable asset to the SPE Blow Molding community,” commented Jerry Sherman, president of COAST Systems. “We’re always proud when any of our team members use their skills to help advance the industry and other people’s professional careers” Sherman said.

The Society of Plastics Engineers is a member-based organization that unites plastics professionals worldwide to help them succeed and strengthen their skills through education, networking, events, training, and knowledge sharing. The SPE Blow Molding Division focuses on promoting, communicating, and disseminating knowledge relating to the art and science of blow molding technology. According to the BM Division’s website, this includes all aspects of blow molding; ranging from machinery, tooling and auxiliary equipment, to polymer properties, processing, and fabricated part testing.

“It’s been a pleasure serving SPE for the past 14 years and I’m grateful for the confidence the Board has placed in me to be a part of leading the Blow Molding Division during such an exciting time in the plastics industry,” said Headrick. “I’ve found the members of this Division to be especially willing to share their successes and support one another in a highly engaged culture,” Headrick added.

Headrick holds a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering and has completed many additional university courses. He has earned advanced education certificates focused on manufacturing engineering and plastics technologies.

To connect with John Headrick on LinkedIn:

To contact John Headrick at COAST Systems, please call 1-877-262-7801 or email

About COAST Systems: COAST Systems is a technology-driven company that is leading the maintenance management market with a highly-rated CMMS software solution used across multiple manufacturing industries. The COAST Maintenance Management System is backed by an experienced engineering team that truly understands how to optimize the performance of plant equipment and assets to deliver consistent quality, efficiency, and profitability. The company combines its proven technology with expert support through strategic consulting services for plastics manufacturers and tailored global mold asset management programs. For more information about COAST, visit


COAST Systems Introduces New Global Mold Asset Management Program

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“C•MVP” transforms the way manufacturers manage and maintain their physical assets

BROOKSVILLE, Fla., September 23, 2019 – COAST Systems, a global computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) technology provider that offers specialized plastics manufacturing consulting and global mold asset management services, announces its new “C•MVP” offering, also known as the COAST Mold Visibility Program.

C•MVP by COAST Systems combines powerful computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) with expert mold management advice to help manufacturers gain total control over the integrity, reliability, and whereabouts of their physical mold assets. According to Bill Cunha, vice president of business development at COAST Systems, it’s not unusual for tooling manufacturers to have difficulty locating their assets at any given time. “This can be especially challenging for companies with multiple manufacturing facilities who may or may not share valuable tool assets,” said Cunha. “Whether those assets leave their original location or not, it’s difficult to maintain business continuity and keep up with supply and demand when the exact location and condition of molds isn’t readily known,” Cunha added. “COAST’s C•MVP is a costeffective opportunity for medium- and large-scale enterprises to stabilize supply chains, reduce budgeting efforts to support mold lifecycle, centralize important tooling information, and standardize processes throughout your global organization.”

COAST Systems C•MVP provides one source for scalable, end-to-end services to optimize the life cycle of an entire portfolio of assets, wherever they are located. The enterprise solution is used by companies who produce their molds in-house, as well as those who use outside injection molding partners. “C•MVP can be tailored to address specific problems and needs while delivering significant and measurable value,” commented Jerry Sherman, president of COAST Systems. “Our ultimate goal is to help companies fully realize the concept of utilization. Once this occurs, they can predict and budget for the future since every tool has a lifespan,” Sherman explained. “Our complete global mold asset management solution is a forward-thinking and streamlined approach that elevates companies to new levels of manufacturing excellence.”

The comprehensive program is ideal for multinational consumer packaged goods, medical device, pharmaceutical, industrial, and automotive manufacturers. It is designed to help all involved parties create a better understanding of asset management, reach a consensus on manufacturing objectives, and work with COAST to prepare a customized plan for successful implementation.

The COAST Mold Visibility Program integrates with the company’s CMMS platform that offers a flexible and configurable interface, fast setup and deployment, ISO compliance, and 100% Amazon cloud-based storage. “We are uniquely able to combine our proven technology with high-level support because of our team’s deep experience in plastics manufacturing and maintenance management,” said Sherman. “Not only is our global mold asset management program unique, but it was developed by experts who truly understand the daily challenges that occur on the plant floor.”

Key features of C•MVP include:

  • Dedicated regional support
  • Tooling asset and life cycle management
  • Supplier onboarding and management
  • Procurement and financial management
  • Mold qualification and validation
  • Tooling condition and health monitoring
  • Mold replacement
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Staff augmentation
  • Mold decommissioning

To learn more about C•MVP, please visit or contact 1-877-262-7801.

About COAST Systems: COAST Systems is a technology-driven company that is leading the maintenance management market with a highly-rated CMMS software solution used across multiple manufacturing industries. The COAST Maintenance Management System is backed by an experienced engineering team that truly understands how to optimize the performance of plant equipment and assets to deliver consistent quality, efficiency, and profitability. The company combines its proven technology with expert support through strategic consulting services for plastics manufacturers and tailored global mold asset management programs. For more information about COAST, visit


Using a CMMS can help companies achieve ISO certification

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Implementing a quality management system according to ISO 9001 – or an asset management system according to ISO 55001 – can take anywhere from three to 15 months, depending on the size of your organization. The process for achieving either of these certifications is complex and requires stringent record keeping and documentation.

Auditors rely on evidence-based data to demonstrate compliance with everything from manufacturing processes and equipment repair to safety activities, product functionality, and asset maintenance. Without a dedicated computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), companies often find it difficult to provide detailed information that’s not only current but relevant. For instance, your company may have multiple sites with thousands of assets, but auditors may only be concerned with the ones that are ISO-critical. A robust CMMS software solution can identify those assets and their usage, linking all their activities into one central database.

Aside from facilitating centralized data, implementing a CMMS platform leads to better manufacturing practices, processes, and asset life when utilized as a preventive maintenance and asset management tool. Maintaining ISO compliance requires continual improvement which a CMMS platform can positively impact and verify the results.

COAST Systems offers a highly-rated maintenance management system that’s easy to deploy, user-friendly, scalable, and configurable to help companies optimize performance and achieve ISO certification. Besides offering a proven software solution, COAST provides high-level consulting services for plastics manufacturers to help them solve complex engineering and processing issues that can also remove barriers to compliance.

A more in-depth look at ISO 9001 and ISO 55001 certifications, as well as how a CMMS can improve your chances of compliance, are featured in a new COAST Systems white paper that highlights:

  • Explanations of both types of certifications
  • Ways a CMMS can help achieve certification
  • How to select a CMMS software platform

Click here to view or download the white paper.

Contributing author: Jerry Sherman, President, COAST Systems


Plastic Mold Management Explained

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Tooling assets can represent a large portion of investment for companies who rely on them for their manufacturing operations. These physical assets typically include molds, dies, and other forming tools or assemblies that are stored at some location and removed for plant floor use. Once on the floor, several things can happen to them. They can be used, inspected, serviced, reconditioned, transferred to another location, or even decommissioned. Hopefully, they will get returned to their original location but it’s not uncommon for companies to have difficulty finding their assets when they are needed. It can be especially challenging for businesses that have multiple manufacturing locations or use third-party resources that may or may not share tooling assets.

Knowing where your tools are affects productivity and profitability

A key concept surrounding tool asset management that manufacturers need to realize is utilization. From the people responsible for allocating tooling budgets to plant floor workers, everyone should be fully aware of a tool’s activity, use, and condition. Without knowing a tool’s whereabouts, it’s impossible to know its lifespan, maintain business continuity, or make informed decisions for future spending.

As an example, a consumer packaging goods company received a high-volume order for an over-the-counter medication product. The product is sold in plastic bottles that must meet stringent compliance regulations, including tamper-resistant packaging (TRP). When it came time for production, the bottles were leaving the line with a flash molding defect. It was discovered that the mold was not in optimal condition. Because there was no mold preventive care program in place, the manufacturer was not able to fulfill the order on time, resulting in loss of profits and an embarrassing disruption to its supply chain.

Drawing upon lessons learned from situations like these, companies should examine the real cost of their physical tooling assets and be able to answer the following questions at any given time:

  1. How many assets does your company have and what is their total value?
  2. Where are all of the assets located?
  3. What is the condition of each asset?
  4. What is the cost to maintain the assets?
  5. When should the assets be replaced?
  6. Do you have a viable Preventive Care Program in place for maintaining your assets?
  7. Do you have a work order system to record and track events on assets when issues arise.

Creating an effective tool asset management program

For medium- to large-scale OEM and molding manufacturers, the process begins with taking an inventory of all assets, inspecting, and assessing their condition. Asset identification numbers, and work order processing, generate real-time data of an asset’s history, cost, and status.

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), will improve manufacturing efficiencies, and drive best practice maintenance processes globally.

It can be challenging for companies to develop effective asset management programs themselves. Consider working with a consultant who can customize a global mold asset management solution with dedicated services and a robust CMMS platform to achieve the following benefits:

  • Establish universal rules for tool use, maintenance, and storage
  • Centralize management of global assets
  • Control who has responsibility for tooling assets, create accountability for tool condition
  • Gain automated inventory control
  • Move toward data driven predictive maintenance
  • Increase the value of tooling assets (extended life = more output)
  • Maintenance costs become planned events, not a reaction to emergencies
  • Develop standardized processes for tool repair, reconditioning, decommissioning, and reordering
  • Planning for adequate lead times, removes bottlenecks in manufacturing
  • Improve tool life understanding between purchasing departments and plant floor users
  • Empower collaborative solutions with an effective tool database with greater visibility
  • Reduce errors with access to related support document library
  • Avoid a tool crisis on the plant floor
  • Experience faster problem-solving
  • Support ISO certification with proven documentation

For more information on how COAST Systems can help you gain control of your company’s tooling and mold assets through our customized service, Coast Mold Visibility Program (C*MVP) and our proven CMMS solution, contact us at 1-877-262-7801.

Contributing author: Jerry Sherman, President, COAST Systems


High-volume injection molding manufacturer implements CMMS software and improves overall equipment efficiency (OEE) to 92%

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Production uptime is critical for injection molders to remain competitive and profitable. Without a robust computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) in place, preventive maintenance activities tend to be reactive and calendar-based, leading to unnecessary interruptions in output.

Fourmark Manufacturing, a premier injection molder, was experiencing an overall efficiency rating of 85.6%. The Ontario-based company was introduced to COAST Systems, in hopes that COAST could develop a maintenance management solution that would integrate existing data acquisition technology with its cloud-based software to improve manufacturing operations.

COAST collaborated with Syscon International, an industrial controls leader and long-time supplier of Fourmark, to integrate COAST’s proven CMMS software with Syscon-Plantstar’s data collection modules located throughout Fourmark’s plant. The seamless integration allowed for a shift to a more proactive approach to maintenance management with a greater focus on asset utilization.

Since the integration, Fourmark has increased its overall equipment efficiency (OEE) rating from 85.6% to 92%. Equally impressive is the company’s rate of completed work orders, which increased from 70% to 90%!

The details of the Fourmark CMMS project are featured in a new COAST case study that highlights:

  • Unique challenges of the injection molder
  • COAST CMMS implementation and plant details
  • Total OEE increase
  • Increased rate of completed work orders for routine maintenance
  • Reduction in the frequency of repairs

Click here to view or download the case study.

Contributing author: Jerry Sherman, President, COAST Systems


COAST Systems Expands its Global Presence to Serve the Plastic Mold Asset Management Needs of Fortune 50 Manufacturers

BROOKSVILLE, Fla., April 5, 2019 – COAST Systems, a global CMMS technology provider that offers specialized plastics manufacturing consulting and outsourced global mold asset management services, has announced it has further expanded its operations with new offices in India and Brazil. The new facilities will serve as dedicated support centers to meet the regional needs of large-scale plastics manufacturers that could benefit from a turnkey solution to keep track of molds stored at different locations while maximizing efficiency.

The new India office, located at 203 Sky Vista in Pune, will be dedicated to serving the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) regions. The Latin American (LATAM) region will be served by the new Sao Paulo, Brazil office.

“COAST Systems has a history of successfully meeting the needs of mold manufacturers in over 40 countries through our CMMS technology, manufacturing consulting, and outsourced mold management services,” said Jerry Sherman, president of COAST Systems. “Our recent expansions are making it easier for plastics manufacturers abroad to stay on top of their inventory control while also monitoring condition, maintenance, repair, replacement, and warranty expirations to extend mold asset value and life,” Sherman explained.

To learn more about COAST System’s global mold asset management services, click here.


COAST Systems Welcomes Sachin Sharma as New General Manager

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BROOKSVILLE, Fla., March 20, 2019 – COAST Systems, a global CMMS software technology company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sachin Sharma as General Manager, APAC and EMEA Operations.

Based out of COAST System’s Pune, India office, Sachin’s key responsibilities include the successful management and oversight of CMMS implementations, maintenance management consulting, and the development of new marketing and sales strategies for Asia Pacific manufacturers. In addition to these responsibilities, Sachin also supports the outsourcing of Fortune 100 mold and tooling life-cycle management for the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions. “It’s exciting to join the COAST team which is helping to bring new levels of quality, efficiency, and profitability to its customers through trusted and proven CMMS software that’s delivered via the cloud,” Sharma commented. “With SaaS models and expert consulting services for manufacturers, I see this company growing exponentially over the next few years.”

“Being a market leader that’s supporting a variety of manufacturers, we were looking for a general manager who could provide our customers with high-level experiences and satisfaction while also penetrating new markets in key regions across the globe,” said Jerry Sherman, president of COAST Systems. “With Sachin’s strong sales and operations background across the automotive, manufacturing, software, and other sectors, we are confident in his ability to lead and nurture our company,” Sherman added.

Sachin Sharma is a mechanical engineer who describes himself as being passionate about industrial digital transformation. He has successfully led large projects and helped many organizations achieve operational excellence. Sharma holds a master’s degree in business administration.


Join COAST Systems at Pack Expo 2019 in Las Vegas!

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BROOKSVILLE, Fla., March 15, 2019 – COAST Systems will be exhibiting at Pack Expo 2019, the world’s largest packaging trade show that is expected to draw 30,000 professional attendees from over 40 vertical markets.

The event runs September 23-25, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and will feature over 2,000 exhibitors, educational sessions, and networking lounges. You can visit COAST Systems at Booth N-508.

“We’re looking forward to engaging with industry professionals at this dynamic marketplace event where we get a chance to form new meaningful relationships with manufacturers and discuss how we can solve their equipment maintenance monitoring challenges,” said Jerry Sherman, president of COAST Systems. “It’s also an opportunity for us to learn about the newest machinery and packaging trends which is important for us as strategic consultants,” Sherman added.

Attendee registration for Pack Expo is now open. Click here to register or learn more.