The best computerized maintenance management systems reduce downtime, decrease costs, and increase revenue in a simple, cloud-based, integrated solution.

Finding the best computerized maintenance management solution means evaluating different software systems and selecting the one that provides the greatest functionality with the built-in features you need to support your maintenance strategies. You’ll want to make sure the maintenance program software fits your budget with no hidden fees and comes with personal training and support – yes, that human aspect to things – that companies tend to forget these days.

At COAST, we know how to get our customers on a better path to maintenance management quickly and without hassle. We work with companies both large and small across multiple manufacturing industries, helping them centralize, streamline, and improve the way they manage and maintain their facilities, so they can achieve operational excellence.

Wherever you are on your maintenance management journey, we encourage you to do your research, talk to us, and request our free, no-obligation demo to get a snapshot of what COAST can do for your organization. Be sure to ask about our try-before-you-buy pilot program.

Empower your maintenance team
with an industrial CMMS!

Doing too much maintenance can be expensive. Not doing enough maintenance can be even costlier. COAST CMMS helps manufacturers achieve just the right balance with cloud-based equipment monitoring software.

  • Help meet ISO standards for certification
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Increase work productivity
  • Extend the life of your equipment and assets
  • Move away from reactive maintenance
  • Get control over your spare parts inventory
  • Meet compliance and safety standards
  • Access real-time information
  • Increase visibility into maintenance costs
  • Control your maintenance budget
  • Manage work orders and completion rates
  • Avoid maintenance backlogs
  • Reduce manufacturing scrap and rework
  • Report on relevant KPIs
  • Gain mobile access at your fingertips
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Reduce energy use
  • Create a paperless environment
  • Standardize best maintenance practices
  • Track vendors
  • Increase revenue!

COAST CMMS Platform Advantages

100% Amazon Cloud-Based Service as a Solution (SaaS)
COAST leverages the Internet of Things to connect your organization to our advanced, secure, multi-level, web-based software that requires no special hardware, technical skills, or internal IT support. You can access our highly secure and reliable software globally from any desktop or mobile device 24/7/365.
Flexible and Configurable Interface
With COAST, you don’t need to worry about conforming to a static environment that may not meet all your criteria. Users can easily configure their process flow, asset data, and personalized screens to display, monitor, and control the maintenance activities that matter the most. Even if you’ve never used a CMMS platform before, you’ll find ours to be user-friendly and simple to navigate.
Fast Setup and Deployment
We typically have our customers fully functional in about seven days. The timeline is dependent upon asset data availability and the system configuration. We provide easy-to-use asset data templates to import data and COAST customer success managers are available to help on-site with the implementation process.
Fully Scalable for Growth
Our powerful software can be scaled for customers to support their businesses as they grow. Even at the enterprise level, we can support asset-centric operations with an agile, user-friendly solution.
Attractive Pricing Models
Forget about long-term contracts, hidden fees, or premium costs. COAST offers attractive and straightforward monthly and yearly fee options with site-based licenses that allow for unlimited users as well as flexible per-user plans for smaller companies.
Designed for ISO Compliance
Achieving ISO certification requires stringent documentation and recordkeeping to demonstrate compliance. COAST’S CMMS will modernize your maintenance management process so you are fully prepared for ISO audits.
GDPR, HIPPA, and FDA Title 21 CRF 11 Compliant
COAST’s software is third-party validated to ensure your electronic records meet stringent E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA), and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Title CRF Part 11 regulations. Because we store our clients’ data on Amazon Cloud, dozens of additional compliance programs are also built into the infrastructure.
Unmatched Technical Support
We are 100% committed to our customers’ success so ongoing technical support is included. Every user with a current service agreement receives unlimited answers to their questions, troubleshooting, and software fixes as needed.
Software Features

COAST CMMS Software Features

Asset Management
Locate and prioritize assets, establish their tasks, and define their work.
Preventive Maintenance
Proactively schedule maintenance activities, track actions and equipment usage.
Predictive Maintenance
Monitor the condition and performance of equipment to predict the likelihood of failure.
Work Order Management
Generate work orders through an automated process with notification alerts.
Downtime Tracking
Manage and track downtime in terms of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) using customized codes to identify repeated events and eliminate recurring problems.
Spare Parts Inventory Management
Track and order spare parts, generate purchase orders, and manage vendors.
Canned and Analytical Reporting
Get real-time visibility with built-in KPIs and reports to make data-driven decisions.
Safety and Compliance Management
Create a safer working environment with safety-related documentation and tasks including employee training requirements such as 5-S, HAZMAT, cGMP, and more.

Mobile Maintenance and Tracking
Enable users to get real-time asset data and perform activities at their fingertips for ultimate efficiency. Using web-connected mobile devices, they can use their cameras to scan QR-coded equipment and even place work orders with voice-to-text apps. No more tedius note-taking on the floor!

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