All COAST CMMS packages include the following complementary services as part of our integrated, personal approach to form meaningful relationships with our customers and to ensure all their equipment maintenance monitoring needs are being met from end to end.


Swift and Easy CMMS Software Implementation
Once a customer decides to purchase a COAST CMMS software subscription plan, we work closely with them, so they can begin controlling their maintenance costs and operational efficiency in as little as seven days. The exact timeframe depends largely on asset data availability and the system configuration. Our customer success managers are available to help on-site with the implementation process to make it as seamless as possible.


We build your data model.

This is the foundation of your CMMS software application and the basic blueprint for your success. Within it we create multiple levels of inter-related elements by collecting preliminary information on your main assets with the objective of providing the best software possible for your type of business.

Your data gets loaded.

During this stage, customers identify all their assets, assign tasks to them, and upload the information. Our asset data loading templates and batch update features make the data importing process fast and easy. We can also work on-site at your location to assist in the data discovery and upload process for an additional fee.

A preventive maintenance schedule is created.

This is where you set priorities to ensure your assets are performing to meet your operational goals. Proactive actions can be time-based or trigger-based and can include common maintenance activities such as cleaning and parts replacement or safety-related activities such as replacing air quality filters.

You use the CMMS software!

Once all the data is in place we can usually have the entire web-based platform configured in about a day. Your maintenance team then has full access and visibility into all your maintenance activity and you can begin using your new CMMS software. Ongoing customer and technical support from COAST is included for the life of your service agreement!



Expert CMMS Consulting
Consulting with COAST allows us to learn about your company’s needs, challenges, and goals so we can shape our CMMS software to give you the best chance at success. We will help you take asset management to the next level by working with you before, during, and after implementation while constantly evaluating ways to optimize processes, workflows, and the way you interface with your employees, your assets, and your management team.

Our consultants will:

  • Provide you with user-case scenarios to demonstrate what COAST can do for you
  • Determine your company’s current maintenance strategy
  • Evaluate current maintenance processes and workflows
  • Gain knowledge of your main assets, equipment, and manufacturing process
  • Discuss your plant’s safety environment and challenges
  • Identify opportunities to leverage a CMMS
  • Define user requirements and roles
  • Monitor CMMS performance after implementation
  • Fine-tune the software to ensure all users are satisfied
  • Provide ongoing support for the life of your service agreement

Comprehensive Strategic Consulting for Plastics Manufacturers
In addition to our complementary consulting for CMMS customers, we provide comprehensive and specialized consulting services to manufacturers in the plastics industry. Our expertise in this market includes engineering, project management, industry compliance, best practices, Lean Six Signa, 5S’s implementation, design and process FMEA, and more.

Leverage our unique expertise in plastics to become more agile and profitable in this evolving market.



Effective CMMS Software Training
Our CMMS software training is conducted by our cross-functional team of experts who begin working with our customers during initial setup and implementation. We educate your end users with various roles on how to use our system and take full advantage of its powerful capabilities. We offer interactive on-site training and website training where we work through each module to discover their functionality and configurability with time built in to answer questions or resolve any issues.

While our software platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, we recommend customers take advantage of our training sessions to ensure universal CMMS adoption and success. A variety of tutorials are also available within the software for added convenience.

Our training includes:

  • Up-front system overview training
  • A framework for ensuring system capabilities are understood
  • A workflow process for development and improvement
  • An understanding of what types of data go into the system
  • Lessons on maintaining data


Consistent CMMS Software Support

Unlike other CMMS providers, COAST support is included for customers with active service agreements. We are available 24/7/365 to make sure you are constantly satisfied with our products now and as your business grows.

You can rely on us for:

  • Friendly, personal help to solve everyday software questions
  • Custom requests that will improve the functionality of your system
  • Ongoing software improvement updates
  • Software bug fixes

Customer Support: +1 877-877-262-7801 ext. 2

How can we be of service to you?

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How can we be of service to you?