Frequently Asked Questions


How does using COAST CMMS software reduce downtime and lower the cost of production?
COAST CMMS software helps companies become proactive with their maintenance management as opposed to being reactive. This shift in operations optimizes planning, so the right work is performed at the right time with the right equipment. Our solution provides the visibility necessary to have the full financial picture of maintenance, refurbishment, and replacement, as well as the tools needed to assist with repairs, work orders, and condition-based monitoring to assist in determining priorities and making decisions that can improve your company’s efficiency. This improved efficiency leads to a lower cost of production and an improved bottom line.
Can COAST CMMS software extend the life of my equipment?
Yes. By keeping accurate records of equipment and assets, our software automatically notifies you when routine maintenance is needed, when parts may need to be replaced, when equipment or assets such as molds need to be cleaned, and when warranties are about to expire. Our highly functional and powerful CMMS software will ensure your equipment and assets operate as efficiently as possible while extending their life cycles.
How will I know if COAST CMMS software is paying off?
We believe the real question should be, “can my company afford not to invest in a CMMS?”. The consequences of unplanned downtime due to emergency repairs or unscheduled maintenance can be devastating in terms of lost sales and profits. The key is to get out of a position where you are constantly fighting fires. This can be accomplished by shifting from a reactive approach to maintenance management to a proactive approach. The COAST Maintenance Management System helps companies decrease their mean time to repair (MTTR) and increase their mean time between failures (MTBF). This results in improved overall equipment efficiency (OEE) as well as a reduction in overall spend.
Do I need a CMMS to get ISO certified?
ISO standards require that manufacturers use computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) in place of manual systems which are prone to errors. Achieving ISO certification requires stringent documentation and recordkeeping to demonstrate compliance. The COAST Maintenance Management System will modernize your maintenance management process, so you are fully prepared for ISO audits.
How does COAST CMMS software compare to similar offerings on the market?
At COAST, our CMMS software was designed by industry pros who fully understand the maintenance challenges that plant managers face on a daily basis. To make your job easier, we designed our platform giving you the ability to “shape” your CMMS software to see and control what is most important to you. Besides being highly configurable and functional, our software solutions are fully scalable to keep pace with your company’s growth. Unlike other complicated or long-term contracts, we offer budget-attractive, site-based licenses for large companies that allow for unlimited users as well as per-user fees for small companies.
What industries benefit from COAST CMMS software?
All manufacturers who maintain their equipment to ensure optimum performance and productivity will benefit from our CMMS platform. This includes, but is not limited to, plastics, industrial, pharmaceutical, automobile, and agricultural manufacturers. We’d love to learn more about your company!
Will the COAST CMMS work for businesses both large and small?
Yes. Our platform is fully scalable and works for small companies with a few users at one site and large companies with thousands of users at multiple sites in different time zones.
Frequently Asked Questions

Buildings and Sites

What if a company has multiple sites?
COAST works with many companies that have multiple sites across the globe. Our CMMS technology allows all your buildings to become part of a centralized system where all maintenance activities can be monitored, and actions can be recommended for each location.

Analytics and Reporting

What analytics are available to me?
COAST features a robust set of analytics with full transparency to all asset data and the actitivies associated with those assets. The analytics relate to equipment usage, availability, repair history, and life cycle to help guide your decisions related to equipment and asset maintenance management.
How do I receive reports?
All reporting is web-based and available 24/7/365 with results that are calculated in real time.


Is there a mobile app for COAST CMMS?
COAST’s CMMS software was developed as a responsive design so it’s compatible with all mobile platforms.

Subscriptions and Billing

How does COAST bill for its CMMS service?
COAST offers attractive and selectable monthly and yearly subscription-based fees with site licenses for large companies that allow unlimited users as well as per-user plans for small companies. Please visit our Pricing Page for details.
What is included in a COAST CMMS subscription?
All COAST CMMS subscriptions include our CMMS Software, License by Site, Training, and Implementation. Customer and technical support are included and part of our ongoing commitment to customer success.

User Access

How do customers gain access to the COAST CMMS platform?
COAST creates a secure URL for each of our clients. Clients specify who their users are and define their associated roles. The right to perform certain activities or functions is determined by a user’s role.

Signing Up

How do I become a COAST customer?
The first step to better maintenance management is to have a conversation with us by calling +1-877-262-7801. This will help us determine your current situation and find out what you are trying to achieve. We recommend that anyone interested in our CMMS platform view our free, no-obligation demo to gain a better understand our offering. Be sure to ask about our try-before-you-buy pilot program.
Can I try the COAST Maintenance Management System before I buy it?
Absolutely. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision. We offer a robust pilot program that simulates how our CMMS software works. There is no fee or obligation to try the pilot program. Call us at +1-877-262-7801 for additional information.


Is my data secure with COAST?
Absolutely. All access to the COAST CMMS take place using secure data communications and all data sent to and from COAST is encrypted. We use a secure socket layer (SSL) protocol to protect our customers’ data and guard against interruptions in our service.

Have an unanswered question?

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