Mattec MES integrated with the COAST Asset Management Program to elevate data capabilities and processes for the custom protection services manufacturer

BROOKSVILLE, Fla., July 20, 2020 – COAST Systems, a global computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) technology provider that offers specialized plastics manufacturing consulting and global mold asset management services, announces an expansion of services that integrates Mattec, Inc’s manufacturing execution system (MES) into the COAST Asset Management Program. The cloud-based integration enables COAST’s long-time customer, Barry Global, Inc., to achieve even greater levels of manufacturing efficiency.

“The ability to integrate MES software into our Asset Management Program allows COAST to better support the tooling and equipment data needs of Berry Global,” said Jerry Sherman, president of COAST Systems. “As an innovator in customized protection services, Berry Global had an existing relationship with Mattec and was already using its software at its Jackson, Tennessee location. The new technology integration provides a more robust offering with additional insights into Berry Global’s assets, giving them the competitive edge necessary in the engineered materials and consumer packaging landscape they are engaged in,” Sherman explained.

Any manufacturer using an MES system can benefit from a similar integration with COAST’s software technology. All that is needed is a portal entrance, provided as a code to COAST Systems. In addition to gaining a more complete view of manufacturing data, minimizing downtime, and improving overall equipment effectiveness, COAST helps companies track their assets in real-time across multiple facilities. “We are excited to deliver a new set of asset management features and services to customers who understand the importance of implementing proven methodologies,” Sherman commented. “Our team is always thrilled to demonstrate how flexible and configurable our program is while sharing the results we have helped our customers achieve throughout the years.”

COAST’S Asset Management Program is ideal for multinational consumer packaged goods, medical device, pharmaceutical, industrial, and automotive manufacturers. It is designed to help all involved parties create a better understanding of asset management, reach a consensus on manufacturing objectives, and work with COAST to prepare a customized plan for successful implementation.

To learn more about COAST’s Asset Management Program, please call 1-877-262-7801.

About COAST Systems: COAST Systems is a technology-driven company that is leading the maintenance management market with a highly-rated CMMS software solution used across multiple manufacturing industries. The COAST Maintenance Management System is backed by an experienced engineering team that truly understands how to optimize the performance of plant equipment and assets to deliver consistent quality, efficiency, and profitability. The company combines its proven technology with expert support through strategic consulting services for plastics manufacturers and tailored global mold asset management programs. For more information about COAST, visit