Production uptime is critical for injection molders to remain competitive and profitable. Without a robust computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) in place, preventive maintenance activities tend to be reactive and calendar-based, leading to unnecessary interruptions in output.

Fourmark Manufacturing, a premier injection molder, was experiencing an overall efficiency rating of 85.6%. The Ontario-based company was introduced to COAST Systems, in hopes that COAST could develop a maintenance management solution that would integrate existing data acquisition technology with its cloud-based software to improve manufacturing operations.

COAST collaborated with Syscon International, an industrial controls leader and long-time supplier of Fourmark, to integrate COAST’s proven CMMS software with Syscon-Plantstar’s data collection modules located throughout Fourmark’s plant. The seamless integration allowed for a shift to a more proactive approach to maintenance management with a greater focus on asset utilization.

Since the integration, Fourmark has increased its overall equipment efficiency (OEE) rating from 85.6% to 92%. Equally impressive is the company’s rate of completed work orders, which increased from 70% to 90%!

The details of the Fourmark CMMS project are featured in a new COAST case study that highlights:

  • Unique challenges of the injection molder
  • COAST CMMS implementation and plant details
  • Total OEE increase
  • Increased rate of completed work orders for routine maintenance
  • Reduction in the frequency of repairs

Click here to view or download the case study.

Contributing author: Jerry Sherman, President, COAST Systems