Implementing a quality management system according to ISO 9001 – or an asset management system according to ISO 55001 – can take anywhere from three to 15 months, depending on the size of your organization. The process for achieving either of these certifications is complex and requires stringent record keeping and documentation.

Auditors rely on evidence-based data to demonstrate compliance with everything from manufacturing processes and equipment repair to safety activities, product functionality, and asset maintenance. Without a dedicated computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), companies often find it difficult to provide detailed information that’s not only current but relevant. For instance, your company may have multiple sites with thousands of assets, but auditors may only be concerned with the ones that are ISO-critical. A robust CMMS software solution can identify those assets and their usage, linking all their activities into one central database.

Aside from facilitating centralized data, implementing a CMMS platform leads to better manufacturing practices, processes, and asset life when utilized as a preventive maintenance and asset management tool. Maintaining ISO compliance requires continual improvement which a CMMS platform can positively impact and verify the results.

COAST Systems offers a highly-rated maintenance management system that’s easy to deploy, user-friendly, scalable, and configurable to help companies optimize performance and achieve ISO certification. Besides offering a proven software solution, COAST provides high-level consulting services for plastics manufacturers to help them solve complex engineering and processing issues that can also remove barriers to compliance.

A more in-depth look at ISO 9001 and ISO 55001 certifications, as well as how a CMMS can improve your chances of compliance, are featured in a new COAST Systems white paper that highlights:

  • Explanations of both types of certifications
  • Ways a CMMS can help achieve certification
  • How to select a CMMS software platform

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Contributing author: Jerry Sherman, President, COAST Systems